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Audit log creates empty file and rotates when one does not exist

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    • 5.3.0
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    • v5.0
    • Security 2021-11-29, Security 2021-12-13, Security 2022-02-07, Security 2022-02-21
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      The audit log behavior on startup of the mongos or mongod is as such. Assume the audit log file specified through the server parameters is audit.log. If a file called audit.log exists in the directory, the node should move the existing file to a file called audit.log_

      {timestamp} where {timestamp}

      is the current time. If a file does not exist on startup, the node should create the file.

      However, the behavior observed in BF-22988 is that when the file does not exist, the node creates a file, rotates it to the name audit.log_


      , and then creates a new file audit.log and starts writing to this file. This causes unnecessary file clutter in a user's directory, so we should fix this behavior.

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