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Analog to burn_in_tests for running any user-specified test

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      Motivation for Request

      Server team engineers would like to rerun individual failing tests in their patch builds without needing to rerun the entire test suite. The use case for this is when running multiple patch builds for a given ticket. If a fix needs to be made and the user is certain that only one test in a suite needs to be run in order to release the change, e.g., a tag must be added to the test, the user would prefer to run only that test. Running locally is not sufficient since it would not provide full platform coverage.


      This request originally comes from EVG-13806, which will be closed out in favor of linking to related work.


      The request is for an analog to burn_in_tests which allows a user to specify the name of the test to be run – potentially using Parameterized Builds – and only run that test. If possible, we could also allow users to specify the number of times they'd like the test to be run.

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