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Handle reconfiguring the WiredTiger LOGV2 component hierarchy

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    • Storage - Ra 2022-01-10, Storage - Ra 2022-01-24
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      A WiredTiger system log component hierarchy was introduced in SERVER-61744. In lieu of a nice abstraction to reconfigure the WiredTiger connection when a LOGV2 component setting changed, an intermediate solution used in SERVER-61744 was to block any changes to the WiredTiger hierarchy at runtime. This is un-ideal in the long term. It would be preferable to allow for the WiredTiger LOGV2 hierarchy to be updated a runtime. This ticket will look to implement a solution that make runtime reconfiguration possible.

      Definition of Done:

      A solution to enable the propagation of log component settings to the WiredTiger connection at runtime could roughly involve the following:

      • Create a LogConfig interface owned by each KVEngine implementation.
      • Have an implementation of the LogConfig interface in the WiredTigerKVEngine.
        • This having access to the WiredTiger connection interface, with which it can map the updated LOGV2 components to an appropriate WiredTiger verbose configuration string.
      • Call the LogConfig method of the KVEngine instance when handling the reconfiguration of the LOGV2 components.

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