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Follow up work for SERVER-61131

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    • Server Serverless 2022-01-24, Server Serverless 2022-02-07

      The contract is that fetcher callback should not throw exceptions,  breaching that contract causes the server to crash (due to uncaught exceptions). 

      [js_test:tenant_migration_donor_try_abort] d20067| {"t":{"$date":"2022-01-04T18:44:02.375+00:00"},"s":"F",  "c":"CONTROL",  "id":4757800, "ctx":"TenantMigrationRecipientService-1","msg":"Writing fatal message","attr":{"message":"terminate() called. An exception is active; attempting to gather more information"}}
      [js_test:tenant_migration_donor_try_abort] d20067| {"t":{"$date":"2022-01-04T18:44:02.375+00:00"},"s":"F",  "c":"CONTROL",  "id":4757800, "ctx":"TenantMigrationRecipientService-1","msg":"Writing fatal message","attr":{"message":"DBException::toString(): InterruptedDueToReplStateChange: operation was interrupted\nActual exception type: mongo::error_details::ExceptionForImpl<(mongo::ErrorCodes::Error)11602, mongo::ExceptionForCat<(mongo::ErrorCategory)2>, mongo::ExceptionForCat<(mongo::ErrorCategory)3>, mongo::ExceptionForCat<(mongo::ErrorCategory)14> >\n"}}

      We do some write ops (create collection and insert documents)  in _donorFilenameBackupCursorFileFetcher's callback. If a node shuts down or steps down, we interrupt the opCtx used by the writeOps that causes the write operation to fail and throw.

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