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Backup cursor indicates which files are required to copy for selective backups

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    • 5.3.0
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    • Execution Team 2022-01-24, Execution Team 2022-02-07

      The cursor response, which represents the files to copy, will have a new field added named required: <bool>, indicating whether the file must be copied regardless of choice when taking a selective backup.

      The following files not associated with a namespace will be marked as required:

      • WiredTiger
      • WiredTiger.backup
      • WiredTigerHS.wt
      • WiredTigerLog.*
        • Journal files.
      • _mdb_catalog.wt
      • sizeStorer.wt
      • Any collection residing in an internal database (admin, local or config).
      • Each databases system.views collection. This is necessary for time-series collections to be properly restored.
      • Files with table logging enabled. These need to be copied otherwise WiredTiger will return an error when running recovery.

            gregory.wlodarek@mongodb.com Gregory Wlodarek
            gregory.wlodarek@mongodb.com Gregory Wlodarek
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