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Collection recreated on a dropped view namespace should be handled correctly on logical tenant collection cloner resume.

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    • 6.0.0-rc0, 5.3.0-rc2, 5.2.2
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    • v5.3, v5.2
    • Server Serverless 2022-02-07, Server Serverless 2022-02-21
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      1) Donor: Creates a view for ns db.coll. This in-turn does the following ops.

       - Create a collection db.system.views.
       - Insert a document w/ _id as db.coll into db.system.views collection.

      2) Recipient primary: Start migration and clones db.system.views collection and replicates to secondaries.
      3) Recipient secondary: Receives the insert to ns db.system.views oplog entry, this in-turn cause insert op-observer to register the view for the namespace specified in the _id field, (in this case, it's db.coll).
      4) Donor: Drop the view db.coll and re-create a regular collection on ns db.coll.
      5) Recipient's current primary steps down and fails over to new primary.
      6) Recipient new primary: Starts migration and tenant cloner resumes and tries to clone the collection db.coll.

      This would result the migration to fail due to collection cloner failure NamespaceExists w/ error message View already exists

      Note: This problem applies only to tenant migration machinery not for logical initial initial sync as logical initial sync machinery doesn't have the capability to resume the database cloner.

            suganthi.mani@mongodb.com Suganthi Mani
            suganthi.mani@mongodb.com Suganthi Mani
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