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Don't write resume token noop oplog entry

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    • Server Serverless 2022-10-17

      TenantMigrationRecipientService::Instance::_enqueueDocuments doesn't need to write a resume token to the oplog if the tenant migration protocol is "shard merge", since Shard Merge isn't resumable.

      Resume token no-op oplog logic isn't added for tenant migration resumability purpose. Resume token no-op oplog entries was added for multi-tenant migration protocol (MTM) to ensure tenant oplog applier reaches clone stop timestamp/block timestamp as MTM fetches only given tenant oplog entries (see SERVER-51246). For shard Merge, we no longer need resume token no-op logic (introduced by SERVER-51246) as shard merge fetches all oplog entries from donor to recipient.

      As part of this ticket, shard merge shouldn't request resume token for oplog fetching and shouldn't write the resume token no-op oplog entries.


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