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Add the "future git tag multiversion" variant to the patch build process

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      As part of the overall efforts to improve the efficiency and stability of the pre-commit process, the test selection methodology used by the set of burn-in tasks could be more prominently leveraged to reduce redundant compiles across testing that is done on multiple variants producing identical compile artifacts.

      One area of such that came up recently is the future git tag variant that runs on the same OS as the !RHEL8 required variants. There is a known edge case with that variant that has caused a BF. It would be nice to have tests run in an identical manner to that variant but use the existing compile artifacts hat burn-in-tests already rely on, so that issues are caught pre-commit with little overhead to the patch process.

      The tasks would only need to be run once; otherwise the runtime logic would be identical to burn in tests.


      • Add the future git tag multiversion variant to burn_in_tests
      • Reuse existing compile artifacts from the RHEL8 variant, designed in a way that would allow compile artifacts between !RHEL8 and !RHEL8 all feature flags to be shared in the future.

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