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Check for both cache-full and rollback when the application uses cache_max_wait_ms

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    • 6.0.0-rc0
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    • Execution Team 2022-04-04

      WT-8767 is going to make a change where the application threads set to timeout after a duration of waiting on eviction will return a WT_ROLLBACK instead of WT_CACHE_FULL. In WiredTigerRecordStore::_initNextIdIfNeeded when trying to determine the largest record id we check the return of WT_CACHE_FULL. This will break once WT-8767 will be merged to MongoDB.

      To help with the transition from cache full error to the rollback, this ticket should make the above code check for both WT_CACHE_FULL and WT_ROLLBACK.

      A follow on ticket, SERVER-64461, is filed to take on from there, and do other changes needed to handle the WT_ROLLBACK return with a new rollback reason.

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