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Fix the expected number of deletion batches in change_streams_pre_image_removal_job.js

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    • 6.0.0-rc0
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    • QE 2022-04-18
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      While running the test in `batchedDeletion` "mode", the pre-images are not deleted in doc-by-doc fashion, but rather utilise the efficient multi-deletes functionality.

      The number of batches is at least equal to two in the test case as we run the one deletion per collection range.

      However, the `BatchedDeleteStage` may perform deletions in multiple batched depending on for example timing. (it will store the fetched documents in a buffer until the  underlying stage EOFs or a timeout is hit, then the deletion is performed)

      This is why the number of batches may vary and needs to be accounted in the test.

            denis.grebennicov@mongodb.com Denis Grebennicov
            denis.grebennicov@mongodb.com Denis Grebennicov
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