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Resmoke should warn if there are lingering Mongo processes at startup time

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      The errors reported by resmoke.py are sometimes very cryptic and hard to diagnose, so it would be nice that it "eliminates" all the possible error conditions before it even proceeds executing.

      One such condition is the presence of MongoD/MongoS processes from previous runs. If such processes exist, the errors reported by resmoke.py look like the ones at the end of the description.

      It would be nice if resmoke.py printed a warning (or even better failed) if there are any MongoD/MongoS processes running when it starts.

      Here is the errors reported due to a lingering MongoD process:

      ubuntu@kal-virtual-workstation:~/workspace/mongo$ resmoke --suites=sharded_causally_consistent_jscore_passthrough
      [js_test:job0_fixture_setup_0] An error occurred during the setup of ShardedClusterFixture (Job #0): Operation failure while configuring the replica set fixture: This node was not started with replication enabled., full error: {'ok': 0.0, 'errmsg': 'This node was not started with replication enabled.', 'code': 76, 'codeName': 'NoReplicationEnabled'}
      [executor:js_test:job0] 13:59:42.218Z Encountered an error when tearing down the fixture.
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/home/ubuntu/workspace/mongo/buildscripts/resmokelib/testing/job.py", line 97, in __call__
          teardown_succeeded = self.manager.teardown_fixture(self.logger)
        File "/home/ubuntu/workspace/mongo/buildscripts/resmokelib/testing/job.py", line 386, in teardown_fixture
          self.report.logging_prefix = create_fixture_table(self.fixture)
        File "/home/ubuntu/workspace/mongo/buildscripts/resmokelib/testing/fixtures/interface.py", line 359, in create_fixture_table
          info: List[NodeInfo] = fixture.get_node_info()
        File "/home/ubuntu/workspace/mongo/buildscripts/resmokelib/testing/fixtures/shardedcluster.py", line 262, in get_node_info
          output += shard.get_node_info()
        File "/home/ubuntu/workspace/mongo/buildscripts/resmokelib/testing/fixtures/replicaset.py", line 772, in get_node_info
          output += node.get_node_info()
        File "/home/ubuntu/workspace/mongo/buildscripts/resmokelib/testing/fixtures/standalone.py", line 162, in get_node_info
          port=self.port, pid=self.mongod.pid)
      AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'pid'
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