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Support conditional updates: $updates

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      Add support for multiple conditional updates in a single update operation. An array of match + update will be executed against each found document. All positional matching is done on the update match, not the query. See below for examples.

      db.coll.update( query, {$updates: [
      	{when:{a:null}, do:{$set:{a:3}}}, // if missing or null set it
      	{when:{_id:null}, do:{ $set:/* initial values */}}, // same as $setOnInsert since _id will be null/missing
      	{when:{votes:{$lt:19}}, do:{$inc:{votes:1}}},// max for field of 20
      	{when:{votes:{$gt:20}}, do:{$set:{votes:20}}},// max for field of 20, cleanup bad values
      	{when:{tags:{$ne:null}}}, do:{$push:{tags:"a"}}},// $push if tags array exists
      	{when:{tags:null}, do:{$set:{tags:["a"]}}},// replace null with tags array if incorrectly set to null
      	{when:{$not: {"users.id":"scott"}}, do:{$push:{users:{id:"scott", views:0 }}}},// Support for "push if missing" (kinda like upsert for arrays)
      	{when:{"users.id":"scott"}, do:{$inc:{"users.$.views:1 }}},
      	//SERVER-1014 example $pull first match of 2 in array
      	{when:{vals:2}, do:{$unset:{"vals.$":true}}},// unset array element (sets to null)
      	{when:{vals:null}, do:{$pull:{vals:null}},// remove nulls from array
      	//SERVER-1050 example (no match/do needed -- unconditional)
      	//SERVER-1947 $set w/positional and $push to same array
      	{$set: { "version" : 2, "name" : "NEWNAME"}, $inc: {"versionsCount" : 1 }, $push: {"versions" : { "z" : "anewone" }}}
      	{when:{ "versions.version" : 1}, do:{$inc:{"versions.$.versionToInstant" : 1000}}}

      The server would execute the query, run through each conditional update element in the array (in order) and apply the update only if the match succeeds for the document.

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