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Polyfill C++20 constexpr isSorted

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      One can make the case a flat data structure should be declared with all elements already sorted so run-time checks for elements being contained within the list can be optimized. C++20 has isSorted as a constexpr which therefore can be used with static_asserts possibly failing compilation. This is a betterment to writing a comment above the data structure and hoping for the best as non-sorted lists with silently degrade performance or require extra run-time checks or complicated constructs. Here is a proposal for a possible polyfill:

      template <typename It>
      constexpr bool constexprIsSorted(It b, It e) {
      #if __cpp_lib_constexpr_algorithms >= 201806L
          return std::is_sorted(b, e);
          if (b == e)
              return true;
          auto p = b++;
          while (b != e) {
              if (!(*p < *b))
                  return false;
              p = b++;
          return true;

      And here's an example on how to use it:

       // Keep this sorted.
      constexpr std::array roCmds{
      static_assert(constexprIsSorted(roCmds.begin(), roCmds.end()));
      bool isReadOnlyCommand(StringData cmd) {
          return std::binary_search(roCmds.begin(), roCmds.end(), cmd);

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