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Investigate and fix testcases

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    • 6.2.0-rc0
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    • QE 2022-09-19, QE 2022-10-03

      Currently, the JS test only_wake_getmore_for_relevant_changes.js hangs when run with the change collection passthroughs - change_streams_multitenant_sharded_collections_passthrough and change_streams_multitenant_passthrough. This ticket was investigating those failures.

      We should also look into the JS test projection_fakes_internal_event.js. This test also fails when run with the change collection passthrough. This test fails because the test attempts to resume the change stream from dawn time here. The failure is expected because a change collection does not exist from the dawn timestamp and will fail with ChangeStreamHistoryLost error. But the other scenarios in this JS test can still run with the change collection. In this ticket, we could explore if changes could be made to this test such that it can also run with the change collection.

      We should also check for any TODO associated with this ticket in the codebase.



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