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Resharding with custom generated _id fails with projection error

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    • Sharding 2022-08-08, Sharding 2022-08-22, Sharding 2022-09-05, Sharding 2022-09-19
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      Problem: Using a client generated _id instead of using regular objectId and resharding on it generates a projection error.


      The error seems to be coming from how we create pipeline query(specifically $project) in ReshardingSplitPolicy::createRawPipeline. We hit this code path and append ("_id",0) to the pipeline. It seems like shardKey.hasId() check doesn't work as expected.( I removed this check and resharding worked.)

      // Do not project _id if it's not part of the shard key.   if (!shardKey.hasId()) 
      projectValBuilder.append("_id", 0);  

      The pipeline that is created : 


       Steps to reproduce:

      1. Customer created a collection and sharded on :


      2. They then inserted a few documents as follows:

      mongos> db.colltest4.insert({_id:{_id1:1,_id2:1,_id3:1},a:1,b:1})WriteResult({ "nInserted" : 1 }) mongos> db.colltest4.insert({_id:{_id1:2,_id2:2,_id3:1},a:1,b:1})WriteResult({ "nInserted" : 1 }) mongos> db.colltest4.insert({_id:{_id1:2,_id2:2,_id3:2},a:1,b:1})WriteResult({ "nInserted" : 1 }) mongos> db.colltest4.insert({_id:{_id1:2,_id2:2,_id3:2},a:1,b:1}) 

      3. Issued the following Resharding command and got a failure

      mongos> db.adminCommand({reshardCollection: "dbtest4.colltest4",key: {"_id.id1":1,"_id.id2":1,"_id.id3":1}})
      {"ok" : 0,"errmsg" : "Invalid $project :: caused by :: Path collision at _id","code" : 31250,"codeName" : "Location31250","$clusterTime" : {"clusterTime" : Timestamp(1657698648, 13),"signature" : {"hash" : BinData(0,"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA="),"keyId" : NumberLong(0)} 

      Note: Attaching a js test to reproduce.reshard_coll.js


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