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Secondary should take into account error status of node it chooses to sync from - not just ping time.

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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.6
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      when I use multhiThread to call insert , it cause tow secondaryNode Disk fully, but check the rs.status() I have confuse why the not sync the right optlog with Secondary), seems it only keep in touch with other two nodes which have disk fully\

      detail pls check the two attachments

      EDIT: in this replica set, is syncing from either or - both have the same error (out of disk space) and have stopped syncing from the PRIMARY. This means that is now also falling behind the primary even though it is not in error. This issue to be fixed here is that a node should check the error status of the node it is syncing from and switch to sync from another node if there is an error status.


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