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Rollback fuzzing in WiredTiger leads to size storer marked dirty at shutdown

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    • 6.2.0-rc0, 6.0.13, 5.0.24
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    • v6.0, v5.0, v4.4, v4.2
    • Execution Team 2022-09-19

      SERVER-66770 is fuzzing some parameters in WiredTiger including debug_mode=(rollback_error=N). This forces WiredTiger to return rollback for every Nth operation.

      The patch test for the change request for SERVER-66770 found a bug for the following fuzzed range:

      dbg_rollback_error = rng.choice([0, rng.randint(250, 1500)])

      There is an invariant that gets hit on mongod shutdown:

                struct SizeInfo {
                    SizeInfo() = default;
                    SizeInfo(long long records, long long size) : numRecords(records), dataSize(size) {}
                    ~SizeInfo() {
                        invariant(!_dirty.load());   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                    AtomicWord<long long> numRecords;
                    AtomicWord<long long> dataSize;

      It appears like during the shutdown the size store is expected to be set to clean but is dirty instead.

            sulabh.mahajan@mongodb.com Sulabh Mahajan
            sulabh.mahajan@mongodb.com Sulabh Mahajan
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