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Automated testing for perf reports repo



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      currently there is a bit of friction to test the cronjob before making changes and we don't have a guide to do so. this results in partial testing or merging code and waiting for it to run and hoping it works (I've done this). its not to bad because we can go back and clean up the data set but it would be nice to have an automated test setup so you can just push to your PR and see if it will crash.

      kanopy(drone) supports the ability to do this, so we can copy some of the existing configuration and reuse the docker container to test.

      instead of having the test dump into the real data set we can just give it slightly different config to dump into a different cluster or into a different database. and then have another cronjob that just drops the test dataset every once and a while. this cronjob doesn't need to be kanopy cronjob. we can do an atlas trigger cronjob to do this which is easier to setup for this simple thing

      this could prove to be annoying for a PR that is waiting for a test run to complete in order to merge, but it could also be a useful way of checking if its safe to merge by just pushing a comment again or something




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