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Resolve packaging issues on arm64/aarch64

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      Some platforms we build aarch64 packages on won't install them due to a platform mismatch. We have been treating arm64 and aarch64 as synonyms, but that's not actually the case on RPM platforms because the platform match is a strict string match. We need to figure out which platforms need to be arm64 and which need to be aarch64 and ensure the packages get built correctly for each platform.

      Note: packager.py currently forces the platform a package is built for through its arguments as provided in evergreen.yml. We could instead ask RPM to expand the platform macro so we know where to find the packages rpmbuild outputs so we're not forcing things. However, packager.py may not easily support such a change.

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            ryan.egesdahl@mongodb.com Ryan Egesdahl (Inactive)
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