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Replication signalDrainComplete is stuck in catalog shard POC

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      Reproduced with jstests/sharding/delete_range_deletion_tasks_on_stepup_after_drop_collection.js.

      The test is doing step down and up on catalog shard, while doing a chunk migration that is supposed to fail. After step up, the former primary becomes primary again, and ReplicationCoordinatorImpl::signalDrainComplete() is invoked and never completes until the test ends.

      The side-effect of this is that the _makeHelloResponse() will always return "i am secondary", which makes the Hello reply consumer to drop it.

      There is a logical deadlock during the chunk migration logic resuming on step up:
      1. ReplicationCoordinatorExternalStateImpl::onTransitionToPrimary
      2. ReplicationCoordinatorExternalStateImpl::_shardingOnTransitionToPrimaryHook()
      3. ShardingStateRecovery::recover()
      4. // Need to fetch the latest uptime from the config server, so do a logging write
      ShardingLogging::get(opCtx)->logChangeChecked(..., kMajorityWriteConcern)
      at this point it should be clear that majority write concern during step up before the writes are allowed will not work...
      5. ShardingLogging::_log()
      6. Grid::get(opCtx) ->catalogClient()->insertConfigDocument(..., kMajorityWriteConcern)
      7. ShardLocal::_runCommand()

      My opinion the step 4 to write the recoveryDoc and fetch the latest uptime cannot use the majority. Just do the local write if you are a primary.

            andrew.shuvalov@mongodb.com Andrew Shuvalov (Inactive)
            andrew.shuvalov@mongodb.com Andrew Shuvalov (Inactive)
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