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Make Session diagnostics logging generic

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    • 7.2.0-rc0
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      Design doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z5KwY7B-ck8pmea0S7y8ak6y7F5FuF3cP1uLMmTx_r8 

      Information provided by the Session to logs is likely to differ between ASIO and gRPC sessions. Instead of systems pulling details from Session in a Session-aware way, these subsystems should be able to call appendBSONForDiagnostics(BSONObjBuilder& bb), or something similar, without having to worry about the underlying Session implementation.

      In the process, we should remove:

      • HostAndPort& remote()
      • HostAndPort& local()
      • SockAddr& remoteAddr(); if possible
      • SockAddr& localAddr(); if possible

      If there is some large project blocking us from removing remoteAddr and localAddr, we should log the corresponding follow-up work (this is a last resort and we reach out to the Security team for help resolving any challenges).

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