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Move profiling writes into a profile writing service



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      As part of the PR discussion of SERVER-59673 the possibility of moving profile operations into a separate service came up.

      This would resolve some potential overhead issues introduced with the changes in that ticket as it will now require a new Client creation on every profiling write operation. This client creation is potentially contentious due to a lock acquistion in ServiceContext.

      One observations to have is that currently in a multi-document transaction the profile write will still hold all the locks held during the operation. In all other cases we do not holkd any locks at that point.

      Moving to a write service will also be a change in behaviour from the perspective of the end-user. Currently if an operation finishes and writes its profile, the profile is immediately available once the operation returns to the user. Using a service makes this profile availability separate from the operation being finished as both operations are independent. As a result, the profile will eventually be available after an operation finishes.




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