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RPM packages for RHEL 9 missing from Download Center.

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      Hi Team,

      I noticed missing RPMs for MongoDB for RHEL 9.

      Issue summary:

      I see that the support for RHEL 9 was added to MongoDB 6.0.4 as per Production Notes however, I noticed that the RPM packages for MongoDB 6.0.4 for `RHEL 9` are missing from MongoDB Download Center.  

      In the documentation for installation of MongoDB on RHEL, I see that it also mentions 

      MongoDB 6.0 Enterprise Edition supports the following 64-bit versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS Linux, Oracle Linux [1], Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux [2] on x86_64 architecture:RHEL / CentOS / Oracle / Rocky / AlmaLinux 9 (Starting in MongoDB 6.0.3)RHEL / CentOS / Oracle / Rocky / Alma 8RHEL / CentOS / Oracle 7 

      The repos do contain the RPM for RHEL 9 as per the link https://repo.mongodb.com/yum/redhat/9/mongodb-enterprise/6.0/x86_64/RPMS/



      Now that MongoDB 6.0.4 has been released as per Release Notes for MongoDB 6.0 are we planning to add the RPMs for MongoDB 6.0.4 to Download center?  If possible, can you please share the ETA? 

      Please let me know if you require any further information. 



      Kind regards,

      Ghulam Murtaza

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