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Fix implicit multiversion tests from not running in patches

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      Implicit multiversion tests are generated as part of the regular burn_in task generation for patches. These tasks are created to test if changing a test file will break it across a variety of different multiversion situations.

      These tasks do not exist as part of the original patch definition. They are generated as part of its lifecycle by version_burn_in_gen on a special variant called ! Enterprise RHEL 8.0 (implicit multiversion) that itself does not exist until after the generator has run. The only way to run these tasks currently is to wait until after the version_burn_in_gen task has run and then to reconfigure the patch to include the tasks on that new variant. 

      This means it is very hard to run these tasks and we are lacking multiversion testing coverage in patches. These tests are valuable and we should be running them. 

      A couple of ideas for fixing this

      1. Special case multiversion burn_in tests and have them activate themselves automatically on every patch
      2. Move these tasks to live on a different variant that is present at patch creation time (or make ! Enterprise RHEL 8.0 (implicit multiversion) available at creation time). This way people can schedule these tasks much easier. 

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