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Consider ideal data size when balancing

    • Fully Compatible
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    • v6.3, v6.0
    • Sharding EMEA 2023-04-17

      The data size aware balancing introduced in v6.0.3+ versions can potentially schedule migrations from shards under the optimal data size threshold.

      The chunk-based balancing was avoiding that by scheduling migrations only from shards with a sufficiently high number of chunks .

      There are 500GB to spread across 5 shards (100GB per shard) currently distributed in the following way:

      • Shard0: 200GB
      • Shard1: 200GB
      • Shard2: 50GB
      • Shard3: 40GB
      • Shard4: 10GB
      • Shard5: 0GB

      Next balancing round (currently):

      • Shard0 donates to shard5
      • Shard1 donates to shard4
      • Shard2 donates to shard3 (this is the bug -> there is no real need to donate from shard2 to shard3 because they both need to reach 100GB)

      Next balancing round (after this fix):

      • Shard0 donates to shard5
      • Shard1 donates to shard4

            pierlauro.sciarelli@mongodb.com Pierlauro Sciarelli
            pierlauro.sciarelli@mongodb.com Pierlauro Sciarelli
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