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Make connection pool sizing between mongod and mongot configurable by server parameters

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    • v7.0, v6.0
    • Service Arch 2023-05-01, Service Arch 2023-05-15, Service Arch 2023-05-29, Service Arch 2023-06-12

      Make the connection-pool used for egress connections from mongod to mongot have maximum and minimum sizes that are configurable by runtime-settable server parameters. Additionally, consider making configurable by server-parameters other properties of the pool, such as: 

      • The maximum number of connections we are currently initiating/establishing/setting up concurrently, as a backpressur mechanism
      • Any applicable monitoring parameters, such as how long connections can be idle before refresh, how long we will wait for a refresh  to complete successfully, and any strategy around dropping connections to a possibly down host. 

            george.wangensteen@mongodb.com George Wangensteen
            george.wangensteen@mongodb.com George Wangensteen
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