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Stop writing contents of report.json to stdout in Jepsen list-append test

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    • v7.0, v6.0

      The list-append.sh script for running Jepsen's list-append test will write the report.json file to stdout. The report.json file quite large (180MB) because it contains logs from the actual tests runs embedded as log_raw. Writing such long log lines is problematic in general, and, in particular, causes searching and filtering to crash Parsley (see EVG-20004). We should delete the cat report.json line from the list-append.sh script.

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      $python buildscripts/jepsen_report.py --start_time=$start_time --end_time=$end_time --elapsed=$elapsed_secs --emit_status_files --store ./jepsen-mongodb jepsen-mongodb/jepsen_${task_name}_${execution}.log
      cat report.json

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