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Investigate timeout in running fcv upgrade/downgrade test for TSAN variant

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      The '* TSAN Enterprise RHEL 8.0 DEBUG' variant fails with a timeout. After initially looking at this (with Max) we suspect that there is either a crash or a deadlock, and TSAN is trying to generate a core and that fails because TSAN cores are a very large (14GB). 

      Example evergreen run can be found here: https://spruce.mongodb.com/task/mongodb_mongo_master_enterprise_rhel80_debug_tsan_display_fcv_upgrade_downgrade_replica_sets_jscore_passthrough_patch_dcd8c050fb807cd6a30f1c3f833f4be23c22fdcf_64798230c9ec4406ad3ccb8a_23_06_02_05_46_27/execution-tasks?execution=0&sorts=STATUS%3AASC

      At this time the Tsan variant will not run this yml, but after finding out why this issue occurs and we have a fix or workaround, then we should add back 'fcv_upgrade_downgrade_replica_sets_jscore_passthrough_gen' to variant "* TSAN Enterprise RHEL 8.0 DEBUG" in etc/evergreen.yml.

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