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Investigate if tests should check operationTime being identical for retryable write responses

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      In "store_retryable_find_and_modify_images_in_side_collection.js" we check that retrying a write command that already succeeded returns the same response, including the 'operationTime' field.

      SERVER-78115 (e806861) made a change such that retrying a succeeded write command may still advance the operationTime since it introduces a noop write in some cases. This commit caused above test to fail frequently.

      While SERVER-78115 is being reverted, there is a question that if the test should check 'operationTime' being identical for retryable writes.

      From this doc, it seems that the 'operationTime' returned from a operation that doesn't write oplog (e.g. retry of a succeed write)  can be arbitrary if any other clients or background writers advances the oplog, since in this case the returned 'operationTime' is just the top of the majority committed oplog. That seems to suggest that the 'operationTime' in a retry attempt of a succeeded write is not guaranteed to be same as the original one.

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