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Get all bulkWrite js core tests running in sharding passthrough suites

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    • 7.2.0-rc0
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      In SERVER-77004 we are enabling the tests jstests/core/write/bulk/bulk_write_*.js in some of the sharding passthrough suites.

      However, due to various issues we are still skipping the tests in a number of suites. To name a few issues:

      • All of the multi_stmt_txn passthrough suites seem to fail due to some write concern related issue. Per sean.zimmerman@mongodb.com we might need to change this code to only apply when not in a transaction.
      • There are some failures involving missing findAndModify post-images in responses. But, we plan to remove findAndModify support anyway, so the work here might just be removing the F&M test cases.
      • A createIndexes command fails in bulk_write_non_transaction.js when using sharded collections, seemingly due to some incompatibility with how the collections are implicitly sharded and the index type we attempt to create.
      • One test fails in causually_consistent_jscore_passthrough_auth because it seems we currently report the lack of authorization for the command in a different way on mongos than on mongod.

      This ticket is to track looking into these issues, fixing them up and removing all of the temporarily added tags/skips. TODOs have been added in all the relevant places.

            kaitlin.mahar@mongodb.com Kaitlin Mahar
            kaitlin.mahar@mongodb.com Kaitlin Mahar
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