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Make the task activator handle errors more intelligently

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    • 7.1.0-rc0
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    • DAG 2023-08-07
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      It seems like the configure task endpoint is pretty consistently timing out for this particular patch/task when it tries to activate the tasks generated for it.

      Here's the exact endpoint being hit

      This patch is large, with a pretty large number of generated tasks within it. All of the tasks under the [JSTEST AFFECTED] variants are attempting to be activated.

      Is there anything that can be done in order to allow for this call to succeed? Should this endpoint be batched instead on the client side so that we try to activate only a certain number of tasks within each network call? Are there any guidelines or best practices around how many tasks we should be activating at a single time? 



      • Update the task activation code in the mongo codebase to batch how many tasks get activated at a time
        • Experiment with different batch sizes
        • The patch I linked in this ticket would be a good base to begin experiments on
      • Have the task activator handle errors more intelligently
        • We can't batch much more on the client side but we can at least activate as many tasks as possible
        • We should also throw a more user friendly logging message when some tasks were unable to be activated

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