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Run existing core and core passthrough jstest suite using gRPC

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    • 7.3.0-rc0
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    • Service Arch 2023-12-11, Service Arch 2023-12-25, Service Arch 2024-01-08, Service Arch 2024-01-22
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      Extend the existing gRPC buildvariant to run the existing jstest suites over gRPC instead of mongorpc. See the high-level design for more details.

      In order to implement this, a new MONGO_CONFIG_GRPC_BY_DEFAULT build flag will need to be introduced, which instructs the mongo Test Runner to connect over gRPC if the gRPC URI and CLI options are unspecified. Without this flag, gRPC has to be explicitly enabled.

      As part of this, introduce a new suite which runs a subset of the jstests with gRPC being built but the feature flag / build flag not being enabled.

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