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Better error message when attempting to create a descending shard key

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    • 7.2.0-rc0
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    • Sharding NYC
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    • Sharding NYC 2023-10-30, Cluster Scalability 2023-11-13

      Shard key fields must be ascending, with at most one hashed field. Descending fields are not allowed (SERVER-8129)

      When you attempt to create one with a descending field, the error message is confusing

      [direct: mongos] test> sh.shardCollection("test.foo", {a:-1})
      MongoServerError: Shard key { a: -1 } can contain at most one 'hashed' field, and/or multiple numerical fields set to a value of 1. Failed to parse field a

      Can we reword this to be something like

      Shard key XXXX can contain at most one 'hashed' field, and/or multiple fields with a value of 1 (ascending). Failed to parse field a

      Or modify the code to have different error blocks for "more than one hashed field" and "invalid field value" to make the error message more tailored.

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