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"Enterprise RHEL 8.3 s390x Shared" build variant is overwriting the binaries of "Enterprise RHEL 8.3 s390x" (non-Shared)

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      These two Evergreen tasks for the different build variants have the same binaries url:

      Notably, the binaries url is the result of compiling with --link-model=dynamic despite the "Enterprise RHEL 8.3 s390x" build variant using --link-model=static.

      The problem is due to the two build variants sharing the same value for the compile_variant expansion. This causes the two build variants to write to the same S3 path and whichever build variant happens to run its archive_dist_test Evergreen task second in wall-clock time wins. The compile_variant expansion must instead be overridden for the "Enterprise RHEL 8.3 s390x Shared" build variant.

      Note that the same issue applies to the "Enterprise RHEL 8.1 PPC64LE Shared" and "Enterprise RHEL 8.1 PPC64LE" build variants.

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