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Throwable function used in scope guard when registering index

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    • v7.1, v7.0, v6.0
    • Sharding EMEA 2023-10-16, Sharding EMEA 2023-10-30
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      SERVER-67119 added an API to create and drop indexes registered in the sharding catalog. It was meant to be a first step before having a proper coordinator which will be implemented by PM-2852.

      As part of the API, in order to ensure that migrations are always resumed, sharding_ddl_util::resumeMigrations is called in an ON_BLOCK_EXIT. Considering that if there is a stepdown in the config server when trying to resume migrations, the function might throw in that scenario, this might lead to a crash in the server because the scope guard destructor is declared as noexcept.

            marcos.grillo@mongodb.com Marcos José Grillo Ramirez
            marcos.grillo@mongodb.com Marcos José Grillo Ramirez
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