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validate command can report indexDetails valid:True even if indexes have not fully been checked

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      Filing this ticket per a discussion with max.hirschhorn@mongodb.com. Currently, validate returns either True or False. In certain scenarios where there are structural errors with collections/indexes preventing inspection of those collections/indexes, indexDetails valid can be reported as True, even if the validation has not confirmed that all results are valid (the overall result of validate is still False in this case). It should be noted that folks familiar with Server logic who are reviewing the validation results can spot this discrepancy and act accordingly, but it's not obvious to those unfamiliar with the logic.

      This ticket is to evaluate whether it makes sense (and whether the benefits outweigh the costs) to introduce a third response from validate, e.g., "Unverified", to capture the case where validation completes, but not all collections and indexes have been scanned. This would likely have some downstream impact.

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