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Support internal expr comparison operators when determining clustered collection scan bounds

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    • 7.3.0-rc0, 7.0.13
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    • Query Optimization
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    • v7.0, v6.0
    • QO 2023-12-11

      Currently, query on clustered collection will not use the index

      db.coll.find({$expr: {$gt: ["$_id", <..>]}})


      However, same syntax with a secondary index will work.

      Because of slight semantic difference between match $gt and aggregation $gt
      (match does type-bracketing, aggregation uses the specified BSON comparison order for values of different types), we have two sets of comparison match expressions:
       regular ones like $gt and $_internalExprGt which use slightly different logic.

      When computing bounds for secondary index scan, $_internalExpr* operators are supported, however, they are not supported in clustered collection scan bounds:

      There might be a reason for it, because of semantic difference, so we need to either fix it by adding internal expr comparison operations to the code, linked about, or add a comment about why we can't do it.

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