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Time-series collections should indicate collection UUID mismatch errors in all cases when they happen.

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    • Execution Team 2024-02-19, Execution Team 2024-03-04


      SERVER-79446 initially reported a problem where the server prioritizes errors like OperationNotSupportedInTransaction over CollectionUUIDMismatch when failing a time-series-related request. It was considered non-blocking because mongosync can work around the quirk.

      We later repurposed that ticket to document a related, blocking problem where the server completely ignored collectionUUID when inserting into time-series collections.

      This ticket, then, “revives” SERVER-79446’s original purpose: for mongosync it would be much better if the server returned CollectionUUIDMismatch when doing, e.g., a delete or update against a time-series collection, even when it’s in a transaction. This is because mongosync retries on CollectionUUIDMismatch with the correct collection name.

      Right now we mimic that pattern when we receive OperationNotSupportedInTransaction, but in order to do it we have to make a network call to fetch the updated namespace information that CollectionUUIDMismatch contains.

      Acceptance Criteria

      The server should always return at least an error to indicate collection UUID mismatch whenever it’s appropriate to send one, even in the presence of other errors (e.g., OperationNotSupportedInTransaction).

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