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reconfig may cause problem re-electing primary



    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: Replication
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      Setup is this:

      Replica set with 4 nodes, priority 0 except for the first node A (only the first node can be primary).

      Nodes B and C slaveDelayed by 0 or 40s, alternating via reconfigs.

      Node D blackholed from node A, symmetrically (A can't talk to D, D can't talk to A).

      At first node D correctly switches sync'ing between nodes A and B, depending on which is delayed. Each time the reconfig happens node A drops to secondary, then is elected primary.

      At some point though it seems impossible for node A to become the primary again after a reconfig. There is a strange message in the logs of node A:

       m31000| Thu Jan 17 17:05:00.147 [rsMgr] not electing self, would veto with ' is trying to elect itself but is already primary and more up-to-date'

      Test to reproduce and output from two runs is attached below (with replSetStatus from all nodes every 5s during the problem period).


        1. currentTest_failure_same_host_veto.txt
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        2. currentTest.txt
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        3. sync_change_source.js
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