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Improve Helper Text/Docs to reproduce TSAN failures

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      Full slack thread below, but the highlights for consideration as this one ticket or split out for several tickets:

      • We should make the resmoke invocation blob display the TSAN_OPTIONS to configure
      • It is not obvious that the "san" build profile includes address and undefined but not thread... Can we name them better? or at least add a 'tsan' option?


      Slack Thread captured from #server-testing by charlie.swanson@mongodb.com

      1. Having trouble reproducing your failure with this? Feel free to reach out in #server-testing.

      mkdir -p jstestfuzz/ && \
      rm -rf jstestfuzz/* && \
      wget '<https://mciuploads.s3.amazonaws.com/mongodb-mongo-master/enterprise-rhel80-debug-tsan/939c396b2905b7c1da460e180ef5fb63bf5f0cbe/jstestfuzz/mongodb_mongo_master_enterprise_rhel80_debug_tsan_jstestfuzz_replication_3_linux_enterprise_939c396b2905b7c1da460e180ef5fb63bf5f0cbe_24_01_06_18_19_10-0.tgz>' -O jstests.tgz && \
      tar -xf jstests.tgz -C jstestfuzz/ && \
      rm jstests.tgz && \
      buildscripts/resmoke.py run {}suites=jstestfuzz_replication -excludeWithAnyTags=tsan_incompatible --jobs=1 '-mongodSetParameters={logComponentVerbosity: {command: 2}}' --storageEngineCacheSizeGB=1```

            trevor.guidry@mongodb.com Trevor Guidry
            charlie.swanson@mongodb.com Charlie Swanson
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