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Make query settings index hints jstests run in larger number of passthrough suites

    • Query Execution
    • Fully Compatible
    • v8.0
    • QE 2024-04-01, QE 2024-04-15, QE 2024-04-29

      Currently all query settings application tests have the following tags, which excludes the test from various suites:

      // Tests query settings are applied to aggregate queries regardless of the query engine (SBE or
      // classic).
      // @tags: [
      //   # $planCacheStats can not be run with specified read preferences/concerns.
      //   assumes_read_preference_unchanged,
      //   assumes_read_concern_unchanged,
      //   # $planCacheStats can not be run in transactions.
      //   does_not_support_transactions,
      //   directly_against_shardsvrs_incompatible,
      //   featureFlagQuerySettings,
      //   simulate_atlas_proxy_incompatible,
      //   cqf_incompatible,
      //   # 'planCacheClear' command is not allowed with the security token.
      //   not_allowed_with_signed_security_token,
      // ]

      The goal of this ticket would be to run this test in currently excluded suites, but without plan cache asserting.

      While this doesn't test query settings application fully, it should be still better than no testing in that particular suite altogether

            denis.grebennicov@mongodb.com Denis Grebennicov
            denis.grebennicov@mongodb.com Denis Grebennicov
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