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Add watchdog_inmemory and watchdog_wiredtiger suites to one of required evergreen variants

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      Right now the watchdog_inmemory and watchdog_wiredtiger suites only run in
      ~ ASAN Enterprise RHEL 8.0 DEBUG, * Shared Library {A,UB}SAN Enterprise RHEL 8.0 DEBUG (all feature flags), and * {A,UB}SAN Enterprise RHEL 8.0 DEBUG (Classic Engine).

      It would be helpful to add them to ! Shared Library {A,UB}SAN Enterprise RHEL 8.0 DEBUG (all feature flags) (or one of the other required variants) so we don't accidentally miss a test failure on these suites before adding to the commit queue (this happened to me while working on SERVER-83508)

      (Note that if we want to add to a different required variant we may need to add FUSE, since the watchdog tests depend on FUSE, which usually requires root user. Fuse for non-root users was only setup on a few distros (Ubuntu and RHEL 8) If we want to run it on other distros, we would need to change the images - see BUILD-15077)

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