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insert_with_data_size_aware_balancing.js is incompatible with test suites killing/terminating the CSRS primary

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    • CAR Team 2024-04-29
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      The jstests/concurrency/fsm_workloads/insert_with_data_size_aware_balancing.js FSM test requires suites with balancer enabled to be executed.

      In general, the setup of such suites includes the  configuration of a set of CSRS failpoints that force the balancer to emit an infinite train of random migrations; such a configuration directly conflicts with the purpose of the test, which addresses this problem by temporarily resetting the failpoint values at the beginning of its execution. 

      While this countermeasure is generally effective, it reveals to be useless when the CSRS primary gets killed/terminated in the middle of a test execution: the suite executor will in fact re-enable the problematic configuration when the mongod process is respawned, effectively causing the test to time out.

            paolo.polato@mongodb.com Paolo Polato
            paolo.polato@mongodb.com Paolo Polato
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