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Remove recursion from SessionCatalogMigrationSource::_fetchNextNewWriteOplog

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      SessionCatalogMigrationSource::_fetchNextNewWriteOplog function can make recursive calls.

      Consider the following case:
      1. When oplog entries buffer is empty, it will fetch next oplog entry from the queue.
      2. If this entry is ApplyOps from a transaction, it will unwrap it into several entries using SessionCatalogMigrationSource::_extractOplogEntriesForRetryableApplyOps
      3. After unwrapping, it will make a recursive call. The assumption would be that because we just unwrapped a transaction, we should have an oplog entry in the buffer, so the recursion won't be deep.
      4. However, when unwrapping, we are checking if modified documents are actually a part of the chunk we are migrating in SessionCatalogMigrationSource::shouldSkipOplogEntry.
      5. So if the collection is getting a lot of write transactions, we might get a very deep recursive call, until we find a transaction that affects a migrated chunk.

      This is not theoretical, there are stack traces that fill most of kStackTraceFrameMax with _fetchNextNewWriteOplog.

      To avoid potential problem, I suggest re-writing this function to avoid recursion

            kshitij.gupta@mongodb.com Kshitij Gupta
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