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[SERVER] Function for checking if server is locked, only works on replsets

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      There is a function in the docs page that a user can run to check the lock status - it parses currentOp output

      However, when running from a mongos, the currentOp output shows output from each shard, and the fsyncLock field is inside these documents, e.g.

            shard: 'shard02',
            fsyncLock: true,
            type: 'op',
            host: 'M-K4F3614CKP:30004',
            desc: 'Checkpointer',
            active: true,
            currentOpTime: '2024-05-16T17:32:45.613+10:00',
            isFromUserConnection: false,
            opid: 'shard02:4120',
            op: 'none',
            ns: '',
            redacted: false,
            command: {},
            numYields: 0,
            queues: {
              execution: { admissions: 0, totalTimeQueuedMicros: Long("0") },
              ingress: { admissions: 0, totalTimeQueuedMicros: Long("0") }
            currentQueue: null,
            locks: {},
            waitingForLock: false,
            lockStats: {},
            waitingForFlowControl: false,
            flowControlStats: {}

      But there is no top level field called fsyncLock and so this function returns "false" when run against a mongos, even when the cluster is fsyncLocked

      Please either revise the function so it works against a mongos, or add a note saying this only works when connected to a replica set (or standalone, I guess)

      I think the former (revise the function so it works against a mongos) is preferred, as soon all deployments will be sharded clusters (coming in 8.3?)

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