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Mongotop cannot connect to secondary in 3.2

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    • 3.2.7, 3.3.8
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Component/s: mongotop
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    • Environment:
      mongotop version: 3.2.1
      db version v3.2.1
    • Server Tools 14 (5/13/16), Server Tools 15 (6/3/16)
    • Needed
    • v3.2

      I cannot connect to a secondary node using mongotop although this comment in TOOLS-506 indicates that I should be able to.

      $ mongotop -u admin -p <PWD> --authenticationDatabase admin --port 31000
      2016-05-02T14:02:05.261-0500	Failed: no reachable servers
      $ mongotop -u admin -p <PWD> --authenticationDatabase admin --port 31001
      2016-05-02T14:01:54.796-0500	connected to:
                          ns    total    read    write    2016-05-02T14:01:55-05:00
          admin.system.roles      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
          admin.system.users      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
        admin.system.version      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
             config.settings      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
        local.clustermanager      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
                    local.me      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
              local.oplog.rs      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
      local.replset.election      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
      local.replset.minvalid      0ms     0ms      0ms                             
           local.startup_log      0ms     0ms      0ms         
      authrepl:PRIMARY> rs.status()
      	"members" : [
      			"name" : "Chriss-MacBook-Pro.local:31000",
      			"stateStr" : "SECONDARY",
      			"name" : "Chriss-MacBook-Pro.local:31001",
      			"stateStr" : "PRIMARY",

      Opened DOCS-7836 since documentation should be updated in either case to remove ambiguity about the tool's behavior with secondaries.

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