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      Linux 4.1.34-33-default x86_64 GNU/Linux
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      Hi, I'm running mongodb with the default mongod.conf file. I have a relatively small db (1.3 GB) with 130 collections. I've created a dump using $ mongodump --archive=cern_ldb.mongodb.20161101.gz --gzip --db cern_ldb and I'm trying to restore it with mongorestore --archive=cern_ldb.mongodb.20161108.gz --db=cern_ldb --gzip. This works well for almost all collections until it hangs (for hours) until I kill it myself. No errors or warnings in the mongod.conf file. I've rerun it with verbose 2 level (-vv) and I'm now seeing the following:

      2016-11-09T09:33:30.909+0100 restoring cern_ldb.MKI.UA23.IPOC.AB1:I_STRENGTH from archive 'cern_ldb.mongodb.20161108.gz'
      2016-11-09T09:33:30.912+0100 using 1 insertion workers
      2016-11-09T09:33:30.942+0100 demux finishing (err:corruption found in archive; ParserConsumer.HeaderBSON() ( error demultiplexing archive; failed arranging a consumer for new namespace ( no intent for namespace cern_ldb.MKI.UA23.IPOC.TMR-CB1/Waveform#waveformData ) ))
      2016-11-09T09:33:30.957+0100 restoring indexes for collection cern_ldb.MKI.UA23.IPOC.AB1:I_STRENGTH from metadata
      2016-11-09T09:33:31.125+0100 finished restoring cern_ldb.MKI.UA23.IPOC.AB1:I_STRENGTH (15 documents)
      2016-11-09T09:33:33.498+0100 cern_ldb.MKI.D5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT 220MB
      2016-11-09T09:33:33.498+0100 cern_ldb.MKI.C5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT 220MB
      2016-11-09T09:33:36.498+0100 cern_ldb.MKI.D5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT 220MB
      2016-11-09T09:33:36.498+0100 cern_ldb.MKI.C5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT 220MB
      2016-11-09T09:33:39.048+0100 cern_ldb.MKI.C5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT 220MB
      2016-11-09T09:33:39.048+0100 restoring indexes for collection cern_ldb.MKI.C5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT from metadata
      2016-11-09T09:33:39.049+0100 finished restoring cern_ldb.MKI.C5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT (17 documents)
      2016-11-09T09:33:39.498+0100 cern_ldb.MKI.D5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT 220MB
      2016-11-09T09:33:40.109+0100 cern_ldb.MKI.D5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT 220MB
      2016-11-09T09:33:40.109+0100 restoring indexes for collection cern_ldb.MKI.D5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT from metadata
      2016-11-09T09:33:40.110+0100 finished restoring cern_ldb.MKI.D5R8.B2:PRESSURE_INT (17 documents)

      I'm thinking the error might be related to the use of the slash '/' in the collection name although it is not mentioned on https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/limits/. In any case the mongorestore should return an error instead of hanging in my opinion. Is there a way to restore my db successfully?

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