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Document how to set batchSize to 1

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      When restoring to a config server without manually specifying a batchSize, an error occurs:

      bash-3.2$ mongorestore -d admin dump/admin/ -u XXX -p XXX --authenticationDatabase admin --port XXX 
      2017-01-19T15:16:11.565+1100	building a list of collections to restore from dump/admin dir
      2017-01-19T15:16:11.566+1100	restoring users from dump/admin/system.users.bson
      2017-01-19T15:16:11.605+1100	error: Writes to config servers must have batch size of 1, found 2
      2017-01-19T15:16:11.625+1100	done

      If should detect that we're restoring to a config server and set the batchSize to 1 automatically in mongorestore.

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