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Conditionally create a Windows job object in smoke.py

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    • 3.0.15, 3.2.13, 3.4.5, 3.6.0-rc0
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    • TIG 2017-03-06
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    • v3.4, v3.2, v3.0

      smoke.py currently relies on creating its own job object to ensure the Python process spawned to log output to logkeeper and the mongod process buildlogger.py ends up spawning are both terminated. This prevents the Evergreen agent from creating its own job object for managing processes spawned by a task to ensure they are cleaned up reliably.

      We should adapt the changes from mongodb/mongo@dd6acd3 to

      • test/legacy24/buildscripts/smoke.py
      • test/legacy26/buildscripts/smoke.py
      • test/legacy28/buildscripts/smoke.py
      • test/qa-tests/buildscripts/smoke.py

      and set disable_cleanup to false on the master branch, the 3.4 branch, the 3.2 branch, and the 3.0 branch. Removing the disable_cleanup option is proposed in EVG-1362 and is highly desired in order guarantee that all Evergreen projects will have processes they spawned cleaned up before starting the next task.

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            max.hirschhorn@mongodb.com Max Hirschhorn
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