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Remove mongoreplay from mongo-tools

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    • mongoreplay will not ship with standalone tools. Legacy version documentation should remain. Change notes for MongoDB 4.4 should note mongoreplay's status change where it discusses tools no longer shipping with server.

      In this ticket, we will remove mongoreplay from the mongo-tools repository and will not ship it with standalone tools.

      Specific steps to complete for this ticket include:

      • remove all mongoreplay related code (including the 'legacy' directory) from the mongo-tools repository
      • Removing all references to mongoreplay from Evergreen config files
      • Comment on all open mongoreplay tickets in the tools backlog reported by external users
      • Email downstream-changes to notify about mongoreplay moving out of tools
      • Ensure README and other documentation is updated
      • Ensure new tools docs pages being developed do not include mongoreplay

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